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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and the pressure is on. what racing teams need to decide today to save the america's cup. it's a huge moneymaker for san francisco and the pressure is now on. what racing teams needed to decide today to save the america's cup. >> and a chance at freedom for u.s. army hostage in afghanistan. the trade just offered by the taliban. >> here comes summer with rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's a great ride so far between oakland all the way into hayward. a live look at the nimitz. your slowest commutes coming up. and a good thursday morning to you here at kpix 5. thank you for tuning in. i'm brian hackney. frank has the morning off. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. the america's cup is two weeks away. and the coast guard still hasn't issued permits for the races to begin. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is in san francisco with more.
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>> reporter: there's a long list of rules they have to agree on about 35 left to go on a list of 37. the america's cup is set to start on this 4th of july weekend. these new rules could hit rough patches. after british olympic gold medalist andrew simpson died in an accident, the race manager review committee came up with 37 new safety and equipment rules and so far only two have been agreed upon. there was a technical change made to the catamaran structure and then the other change gets rid of guest positions on the boat. now, today mediation is going to continue to settle remaining disagreements amongst the different race participants which has sectioned off into two different sides. if the safety concerns are not addressed, the coast guard will not issue permits for the races to begin. and that's the problem here. even so, the opening ceremony tickets are still for sale.
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we are not hearing any word that this would be canceled. but we know that the tickets for the louie vuitton cup qualifier round have been reissued because of a lack of participation. this morning we saw about 10 construction trucks go in. they are setting up the prada store. they are not saying there's any changes or new rules for them or any word from the organizers to change what they're doing. this type of drama if we could call it is common in this event doing a google search of america's cup and possible problems. we came up with 2009, 2010 and 2011 all having legal battles, changes to rules. in an event this size, that's to be expected. but so far, no word that this event would actually be canceled. >> it was a huge deal when it was announced that we got the america's cup and now it's
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turning into a let's say less huge deal. so let's say that there are fewer racers and a smaller crowd. the suggestion is that it's still not going to have an impact on the construction of waterfront projects related to the america's cup? >> reporter: and i think that that's the fear that the large investments that the city is making -- we have $22 million in upgrades around the city. you have promises of 8800 jobs or more. we have $1.4 billion at stake that they already say is down to $900 million because we did from from 15 participants down to 4 teams. all of this leading up obviously expectations have been setback a bit. when it's all said and done once these boats are out in the water the crowds are here a lot of that might be forgotten because it's quite a sight. let's just hope for that, brian. >> all right. it all gets under way on the weekend of the 4th of july. good to see you again, sue kwon. >> yeah, you, too. >> sue kwon in san francisco. an east bay city council
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turned down a million dollars that could reopen a fire statio it had to close. juliette goodrich with why it would have been too expensive to self a grant. no one it home at station 74. not even more than a million dollars in federal money could keep this station open. the pinole city council voting no to the grant. >> i'm very concerned. >> reporter: this resident is worried about fire protection since the other station is clear across town. >> there are ones way down the road if you go around but at the same time, that it's many minutes away from here. >> reporter: there were fireworks between the mayor and firefighters union. they want the station back open. >> they tried to play the fear game and say that we are an unsafe community. we are not unsafe. >> reporter: the pinole mayor says the city couldn't accept
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the grant because of financial constraints. >> if someone were to come to you and say, you can have this $2 million home free and clear, but for the next five years you have to pay all the taxes and insurance and everything comes with it and you're still living on that $40,000 a year job, can you accept that $2 million a home and meet that criteria? >> reporter: the city's answer was no. tell that to this resident who lives near the shut-down fire station. >> it's scary when you cut all these trees and then not having the fire station. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the safer grant program provides $320 million a year to fire departments statewide. other bay area cities applied for the money but the feds turned them down. 444. later today, top oakland officials will be introducing the police department's new area captains and lieutenants. those officers will oversee five areas of the city. the introduction will take place at the eastmont substation at 11:30 this morning. mayor jean quan will be there. officials will also discuss
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crime reduction and prevention plans for each of the five areas. well, what began as a traffic stop led to the discovery of weapons, ammunition and drugs. chp officers say they pulled a man over friday in oakland for a license plate violation. the chp says he was carrying a semi-automatic han gun. they later found more firearms, high capacity magazines, body armor, marijuana, cocaine, inside moses' san ramon home. bart is bracing itself for a possible strike. at least one of its unions says that it's negotiating with it hold a strike authorization vote. bart is in the middle of contract talks with five unions. the contracts run out at the end of the month. bart wants workers to pay more for benefits while workers want their first raises in four years. 6:06. let's get another look at the weather. >> let's do that. we have something -- there is a little wrinkle in the weather plan. >> here comes summer starting
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tonight. and guess what? we have put some raindrops in the forecast. >> oh!! >> good going, lawrence. >> not for tomorrow. >> blame it on the weather guy. but there's a chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. still, looks like today will be okay starting out mostly sunny now over san francisco although we have a couple of patches of fog outside. throughout the day today we'll see those breezes kicking up again but not as windy as yesterday. 40s and 50s now out the door. i think toward the afternoon, the breeze will be blowing just a bit. right now it's calm in san jose. but we have a westerly wind at sfo of 15 miles per hour. yesterday we had some of those over 20. so not quite as windy this morning. it's calm into napa santa rosa. but again the breeze is blowing toward the afternoon. temperature-wise we'll warm things up a little bit as we'll see temperatures a good 2 to 4 degrees warmer in most spots. about 80 in livermore. about 82 in concord. and about 66 degrees still breezy into san francisco. we'll talk about more of the prospects for rain coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and i promised you we would
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show you your busiest commutes around the bay area. the bay bridge became one because of the metering lights. no accidents or incidents but a sunny compute towards the pay gates. hard to see but it is jamming up towards the overcrossing. probably about 10 to 15 minutes right now to get you on to the bay bridge. and we are seeing a lot of slowing on our sensors well towards the tunnel. westbound highway 4 very sluggish this morning. "a" street to loveridge, once you get past the antioch exit things improve out towards concord. and westbound 580 is busy from tracy 205 and continuing out through the livermore valley. the drive time nearly 30 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. coming up a check of mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. a lot of people on the peninsula have expensive reminders that you have to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. our cameras were rolling as cars sped past a pedestrian decoy in a safety sting. a team of 20 officers staked
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out busy intersections throughout san mateo county pulling over drivers and giving them tickets. >> the law says if it's close enough to pose a hazard, you should yield to them. >> you have to pay attention all the time because you never know when someone's going to stop. >> a major hotspot in yesterday's sting was the intersection of south el camino real and west 39th avenue. officers issued a total of 263 citations throughout san mateo county. those tickets could cost from $250 to $350. >> worth every penny. that's a dangerous thing to do. new this morning, the afghan taliban is offering to hand over a captive u.s. soldier in exchange for five senior taliban operatives being held by the u.s. military. a taliban spokesman says the soldier is u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl. the idaho native disappeared in eastern afghanistan in june of 2009. so far the u.s. is not
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commenting on the taliban's offer. and fbi director robert mueller says the use of drones is worthy of debate. he appeared yesterday before the senate judiciary committee saying the fbi does use drones for surveillance of stationary objects. he added the unmanned aerial vehicles are seldom used at this point but the fbi is developing guidelines about their future use. >> if we are to prevent terrorist attacks, we have to know and be in their communications. >> after mueller's appearance, the fbi released a statement saying drones allow the agency to learn critical information that would otherwise be difficult to get without serious risk to law enforcement. edward snowden the former contractor who leaked information about u.s. surveillance programs is now getting help from the founder of wikileaks. julian assange says he is in talks with iceland's government to secure asylum for edward snowden. time now 6:10. the little gray pill that could be a breakthrough in treating
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leukemia. >> plus, this isn't the running of the bulls. one bull broke loose in spain, though. the chaos it caused on a busy street. >> i think it's really cool because we're helping the earth. >> putting old markers to new use. how a bay area school's bright idea got the attention of crayola. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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running of the bulls. pedestrians in spain wrangl runaway bull in the middle traffic monday. at first the animal is seen p this is not what you see when the running of the bulls happens in spain. there was a runaway bull in the middle of track.
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fedses racedpedestrians raced to the aid of the man before excitement and knocking the bull to the ground. the bull was overpowered. >> lucky. now what are we going to do? >> now our next story. >> the long-awaited state-of- the-art skate park in fremont is open. did youer? >> yesterday was the grand opening of the fremont park for $2.2 million facility within central park. and the bay area's fourth largest city has been without a skate park since 2009. >> only four competition level bowls in the entire state. the park was designed for skaters of all skill levels. >> amazing.
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>> you can see why they're often walking around in wrist slings and stuff like that. >> it's been super quiet this morning. no major incidents anywhere but everything is looking good if you are heading out to your morning commute. towards silicon valley, westbound 37. this is what it looks like at 880/237 in milpitas. as you can see, cars are still moving at the limit. so our usual slow spots are still a little sluggish but nothing huge off the antioch bridge westbound 4 typical for "a" street towards loveridge but then closer towards concord. everything turns back to green on our traffic sensors. mass transit has been moving fine as well so bart is completely on time. let's go outside and show you these live traffic cameras. so heading towards the golden gate bridge from novato into san rafael and the marin county commute towards the golden gate
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bridge, quiet now. nice flow across the span. four lanes open in the commute direction towards san francisco. san mateo bridge similar story. this is the commute direction here of westbound 92 so this traffic leaving hayward towards the high-rise but coming in towards the east bay looking good in the eastbound lanes, as well. coming up, we'll get a check of the bay bridge because the metering lights are on. we're seeing slight delays there. in the meantime, we're talking our weather forecast and lawrence has a little hiccup in yourself day forecast. of course we're talking about the start of summer tonight but there's a chance we could see showers in the forecast. more on that in a moment. right now, outside, we have a couple of patches of fog and a mix of sun and clouds already on the way. warmer ahead. sunshine and still see some breezy conditions toward the afternoon near the coast alone but not as much as yesterday, then summer arrives tonight at 10:04 p.m. looks like the solstice finally getting here. low pressure is squeezing its way just to the east of us and north looks like high pressure going to be building in behind it. as that ridge builds in we'll
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see more sunshine and looks like some warmer days ahead. and today we'll warm up a few more degrees in the next few days getting nice and toasty into the first part of the weekend. about 88 degrees today in fresno. 82 in yosemite. 87 in redding. 64 and sunshine and breezy into monterey bay. 70s and low 80s in the south bay. 60s at the coast. east bay numbers as high as 84 in brentwood, 80 livermore and 75 degrees in vallejo. 73 in oakland. 66 degrees an breezy in san francisco and 82 in santa rosa. next couple of days, we'll bring more sunshine on the way. then more clouds on sunday and a chance of showers come monday. the other day had a chance to go out and visit a great school. this was the north oakland charter community school. and hey, had a great time with the kids. we had our mobile weather lab out there, talked a lot about the weather. really just will a good time. and they had made a book of the poems. it was so cute these little first graders put it together
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and they just love the weather just like me. i get along with them really well. i don't have all the answers. i'm hoping they can help me figure it out. >> some of the questions they have are tough. >> they are. >> to guess stumped by a five- year-old! [ laughter ] this morning's healthwatch, doctors at ohio state university are hopeful about a pill to treat leukemia patients. dr. john bird says of 900 patients in a clinical trial, every one has gone into remission. >> it causes the cells to regress and stop growing in the patient. >> the drug still needs more research. markers are a must for kidswho like to color and draw but students at a san rafael school want to keep those markers out of landfills. so they started a campaign challenging companies to recycle its own products. that's what makes sun valley elementary this week's "cool school." reporter: go to any elementary school and you will find an endless supply of
6:20 am
markers. >> it really is fun to use markers to draw and color and stuff. >> reporter: but students of sun valley elementary school started noticing how many were ending up in the trash. >> some people would just think about, you know, okay, good, we're getting rid of it. but you have to get rid of it in a good way or reuse it. >> reporter: so they contacted crayola, which makes half a billion markers a year, enough to circle the earth more than three times. >> if kids could have some kind of convenient way to send these back so they could be reprocessed and made into more crayola products or basically kept out of landfills and incinerators. >> reporter: to get their attention, the school's green team made up of about 80 students gathered more than 90,000 signatures through lawmakers and actors joined the cause and less than a year later, crayola announced plans to convert used markers into a liquid fuel source. >> it was so exciting. it represented all of this hard work that these kids have been doing for a year. >> i'm happy to see now that it's becoming a big success.
6:21 am
>> reporter: classroom by classroom, they collected dried- out markers, even bringing some from home. their first shipment to crayola, 35 pounds. >> i think it's really cool because we're helping the earth. >> reporter: and they say all it takes is a small gesture. >> if you sit at home you can turn off the lights and stuff and that can all lead to something big. >> and it did. the expect's competitor launched -- the company's competitor launched its own program to recycle markers when they heard what the kids are doing and they hope it will spread to other schools and companies. >> it's great. >> well, what is cool about your school or this summer your camp? you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come out and feature your school or your summer camp right here on our show. lots of cool things happening in the bay area. >> sounds good.
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it's now just about 6:22 in the morning. a sizzling game 4 in the stanley cup series. a wild overtime win. >> plus tempers flare at at&t park. what set off a near brawl between the giants and padres? >> but first, here's a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> hopefully not a ,,
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so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram.
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mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. welcome back to kpix 5 this thursday morning. thanks for coming by. we're going to catch up on sports. baseball the as and rangers. oakland took a one run lead in the 5th inning. chris young homered to center with two on but as starter tommy milone gave up 6 earned runs. the rangers took the lead for good in the bottom of the 5th. texas won 9-4. the as go for a split of the four-game series this afternoon.
6:26 am
benches cleared in san francisco when giants pitcher madison bumgarner threw one behind san diego's jesus guzman. guzman had done a bit of showboating in tuesday's game in the 7th inning blanco pinch hit for the giants to hit a two- run triple. that clinched the win. giants beat the padres 4-2. they are at home against miami tonight . that one is blocked by bergeron. scores! the blackhawks have won it! >> look at that. that is a beauty. stanley cup championship series game 4 in boston. the blackhawks brent seabrook with the overtime goal giving chicago a thrilling 6-5 victory over the bruins. that's your play of the game. the series is tied at two games apiece with game five saturday in chicago. 6:26. coming up, the future of gay marriage. the supreme court decision that
6:27 am
could come down this morning. >> his life-span, television movies and broadway a look back at the life of acted tore james gandolfini in a minute. >> reporter: i'm sue kwon and i'll tell you what needs to happen before the coast guard issues safety permits for the america's cup. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i was very concerned. >> a bay area city turns down cash to keep its fire station open. >> not even more than a million dollars in federal money could keep this station open. >> i'm talking to you on a human level. >> the actor best known for playing mob boss tony soprano on the hbo television series
6:31 am
"the sopranos" died while vacationing in italy. >> you're going to like the way you look, i guarantee it. >> the man who made men's warehouse into a household name is no longer with the company. >> release a statement saying he tried to raise concerns about the direction the company was headed but those concerns were silenced. >> it was always cool. now we're just cooler. >> this is a unique design put together with help from some very world class gators. >> you have to get rid of it in a good way. >> from across the bay to around the world -- >> does the fbi use drones for surveillance on u.s. soil? >> yes. >> -- the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> abreau scores! >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday june 20. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. the time now is 6:31. and as we start the morning, it appears america's cup racing on the bay is in jeopardy. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is in san francisco this morning on what the teams need to decide today in order to save the
6:32 am
race. good morning, sue. >> reporter: good morning. they have as to decide on safety and equipment measures but this morning, businesses usually have construction crews coming on site to set up the prada store here at the america's cup store. the new bumps in road or wind patch on the water you could say for the america's cup. after british olympic gold medalist andrew simpson died in an accident, the race manager and review committee came up with with 37 new safety and equipment rules. only 2 so far have been agreed upon with hours of negotiations. there's a technical change made to the catamaran structure and in addition to that, they got rid of the guest position on the boat. now, today mediation is going to continue with the remaining disagreements among the race participants hopefully being settled today. the problem is, if the safety concerns are not addressed, the
6:33 am
coast guard is not going to issue permits for the races to begin and as you said, they are set to begin the weekend of april 4. so far, though, no word that there will be a cancellation. the opening ceremonies tickets are still being sold. but this is just another bump in the road from the start. we started with 15 participants now down to 4. we have cost estimates or revenue estimates, rather, ranging from $1.4 billion now to $900 million. and obviously, when you have concerns that you won't get that's safety certifications by the coast guard, you have to worry that this may not happen. but again, we're not hearing that we're at that point right now. hopefully, we should have some more information on how the negotiations are going later today. back to you. >> all right, sue. thank you. america's cup changes could be costly. if they have to make changes or lose some teams, expected
6:34 am
revenues could fall to $900 million, down from $1.4 billion. a mini makeover on the san francisco waterfront has been finished in time for the america's cup. crews have spent 6 months making the jefferson street at fisherman's wharf better for pedestrians and bicyclists. the upgrades include twice as much sidewalk space and new lighting in crosswalks. all the work is expected to ease traffic congestion. a big story earlier this week, but now pacifica police say a 10-year-old girl and her friend lied about an attempted abduction. the girl claimed a man tried to abduct her in the area of beach boulevard and santa rosa avenue on sunday. she told officers she got away by punching the suspect. police say both girls later admitted they lied. in other headlines around the bay, parents in pittsburg could end up paying $1,000 for their kids' parties. city council tentatively passed an ordinance this week putting hefty fines on parents who host teenage drinking parties. they would also have to pay for
6:35 am
costs associated with police response. the social host ordinance will come back for a final approval next month. well, today is the 8th annual dump the pump day. it's the american public transportation association's campaign to get people to save gas by leaving their cars at home. caltrans and samtrans are holding a breakup party meaning breaking up with your car is not so hard to do. that will be at 11 a.m. at the redwood city transit center and caltrain station. you know what? lawrence said he biked all the way to work today. >> yup. quite the ride. >> sure. >> invigorating. boy, do i feel good. >> we believe you. >> did you do this in your mind or in reality? >> i think only in my mind. but it still feels invigorating! [ laughter ] around the bay area today we have more sunshine on the way. yes, spring quickly is winding down now. but looking over san jose the airport the new stadium, we are going to see mostly sunny skies there. the temperatures a little cool in spots although we have clear
6:36 am
skies into san francisco. and looking so good so far. 48 santa rosa. 54 san jose. 53 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine the temperatures will be a little warmer some 70s and low 80s in the south bay. could see some mid-80s in the warmest spots well inland. checking in about 82 degrees in walnut creek and concord. and 80 in livermore. then the temperatures inside the bay 60s and some 70s but we did put a chance of some showers in the forecast. we'll have more on that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and we have a problem now out of petaluma. they just went ahead and issued a traffic alert. there was a big rig and it struck the guardrail northbound 101 approaching highway 116 lakeville highway. so it is counter-commute. we are seeing some slowing though in that area coming into petaluma. and even southbound pretty sluggish, that 15-mile-per-hour sensors is southbound sluggish towards novato. so let's check the bay bridge where the metering lights were
6:37 am
turned on a little after 6:00. so now we're left with a lot of sunshine for your morning commute getting into san francisco as well but stacking up towards the foot of the maze about 20 minutes right now to get you on the bay bridge. it remains slow all the way towards the tunnel. san jose police faced with a surge in violence track down three suspects in a six-month long murder case. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us with details of the latest arrest. >> reporter: with the latest arrest, it had to do with a homicide case early in the year on january 24th. that's when 44-year-old donald harvey was attacked in an apartment driveway near the santa clara county fairgrounds. four suspected gang members approached him. they attacked him. they beat him. they fatally stabbed him. detectives say it was all about wanting to rob someone and this poor suspect was in the wrong place at the wrong time. now as you mentioned, police have arrested all four suspects
6:38 am
ages 17 to 20. they have been charged with murder with gang enhancements. now, this is the second time this week that police have arrested suspected gang members related to a fatal stabbing. this is mayor chuck reed's reaction: >> we take them all seriously. our police department has a good record of investigating and catching the people who did it and putting them behind bars and that's what we expect to happen in all of these. >> reporter: so far the city has seen 24 homicides and that number is on pace to surpass last year's murder total. now, we have some unfortunate news to pass along to you. there was another shooting last night at about 6 p.m. a man was shot and critically wounded near king and story roads in san jose. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is listed in critical condition. he has life-threatening injuries and police say so far, they have not arrested any suspects and i should say have not identified any suspects.
6:39 am
live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for kpix 5. >> matt, is there any reason for this uptick in homicides or is it just a wide spectrum phenomenon? >> reporter: i'm sorry, i couldn't understand what you said. could you repeat. i'm wondering if they have like a single reason for why there's this sudden increase in homicides in san jose? >> reporter: there are a variety of factors. so far, there have been six gang-related murders. of course, the gang-related homicides get a lot of media attention but they range from domestic violence to as i mentioned gang-related murders and in those cases, some have speculated that because police staffing is down, that the bad guys know that the police do not have as many officers as they have in years past and they have become more brazen and bold but still, of the city's 24 murders so far this year, only 6 of those have been proven to be gang-related. >> wow. okay, matt bigler in san jose, thank you.
6:40 am
the film festival in italy was going to honor actor james gandolfini with an award instead they are getting together a tribute. he died of a hard attack yesterday. >> oh, the house wasn't enough? joking. >> gandolfini was best known for his role on the hbo drama "the sopranos." dozens of fans are remembering him by showing up at holsten's confectionary in new jersey, the scene of the final episode in sopranos. >> he was such a nice guy when he was here down to earth and really friendly with all the help that was here and, you know, the people outside waiting to see him. >> gandolfini also has more than 50 film credits to his name. james gandolfini was 51. in about 30 minutes the u.s. supreme court could hand down its decision on california's same-sex marriage ban. bay area counties are preparing for a possible onslaught of marriage license requests if
6:41 am
the high court agree that is prop 8 is unconstitutional. a survey conducted for kpix 5 shows 48% hope the court ruling will legalize same-sex marriage in california. 35% hope not. the supreme court is also expected to announce a decision soon on the federal "defense of marriage act." there are also pending rulings on the voting rights act of 1965 as well as affirmative action in public universities. the latter is based on a university of texas case. time now 6:41. coming up, rumors swirling. the possible new feature being announced by facebook in just a few hours. >> can't wait. a double dose of trouble? why a burger joint nearly got served with a lawsuit from in-n- out burger. >> the market just opens. let's check the early numbers. so far not looking good. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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look at 'em.
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down on louisiana's gulf cot yesterday. just look at this if it's over land it's a tornado but when off the coast of louisiana it's a waterspout a massive one that bore down on louisiana's gulf coast yesterday. look at that video! you can see a large cloud funneling down into the gulf of mexico kicking up the water below. there was some minor property damage. but nobody was hurt. >> that's good. but -- >> who has seen a waterspout? >> i have never seen one. >> i have never seen one. >> i have seen one. you two have seen a tornado. >> yes. >> that would be scary. >> that was amazing, didn't look real. >> we don't see those here, though, right? >> well, we can see them along the coastline. it happens every once in a
6:46 am
while but not today. [ laughter ] >> that's good. >> not today. i think we're going to be okay. a lot of sunshine and the weather going to be comfortable toward the afternoon. in fact, probably a little bit warm ever outside, as well. it looks like high pressure going to start to try to take over here for the next couple of days as we get ready for summer. it arrives at 10:04 p.m. tonight. patchy fog giving way to sunshine. high pressure building in, trying to kick that low to the east. as it does, our temperatures will begin to slowly warm up today and over the next couple of days the temperatures coming up a few. it looks like at sfo no delays expected there just afternoon breeze blowing. temperatures going to be running in the upper 60s and sunny around the country. not a bad travel day but the possibility of thunderstorms into houston should be sunny and dry into new york at 79 degrees. around the bay today we are going to see plenty of sunshine. 76 degrees in san jose.
6:47 am
80 in morgan hill. about 62 degrees breezy in pacifica. 70s and 80s into brentwood and antioch. the effects of the sea breeze not as much as yesterday, 66 san francisco, 73 oakland by the afternoon. next couple of days heading into summer, temperatures warming up through saturday. clouds sunday and yeah, we have a chance of some showers in the forecast on monday. leftover clouds come tuesday. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we have been monitoring some of your east bay drive times and that westbound 580 ride is now in the red. so that's pushed over a little while ago. heavy traffic from 205 coming out of tracy continuing all the way out towards about isabel and then we see things break up. the nimitz is moving fine through oakland and coming down the eastshore freeway, sluggish the carquinez bridge to the maze that starts to back up through berkeley getting into emeryville. let's go to the traffic alert. still out there, northbound 101 approaching highway 116 wakeville highway.
6:48 am
the accident involved a big rig hit a guardrail there still blocking one lane. they were hoping to have more lanes reopened probably any minute now. they said about a half hour ago and that was a half hour ago so we are seeing slight delays northbound but southbound in the commute direction that's where we're seeing our biggest backup. mass transit there was some earlier signal issues for ace train number one. right now's train number three is on time so no delay there. systemwide on time for bart, as well. coming up, we'll get a check of the bay bridge. back to you guys. >> thank you. stocks to be a big hit after the fed hinted a stimulus effort could be phased out soon. as we saw it looks like a one- two punch for the stock market. now we have kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with what's happening on the street this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. good morning, michelle. it's another ugly day on wall street following fed chairman ben bernanke saying yesterday that he could see an end to quantitative easing by the middle of next year which would mean the bond tapering to begin
6:49 am
later this year. that depends on the economy doing well enough for the fed to do that. and stocks sold off big time dow down over 200 and overseas markets selling off, gold selling off. the 10-year note up about 2.4% a year and a half high. expect mortgage rates to head higher. mortgage rates are tied to the 10 area note. they have been on the rise of late. freddie mark reports this morning. as far as the economy is concerned a number of reports on that again today and the labor department says first time weekly unemployment claims rose to 354,000 within the range of job growth. if the economy is stumbling along, that is going to force the fed to continue its current quantitative easing plan. it's a perverse way of looking at things. it's a rough start today. dow
6:50 am
down 134. nasdaq down 31. s&p lower by 14. michelle and brian, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks. the key players are still say very little bit ousting of men's warehouse founder and pitchman george zimmer. >> you're going to like the way you look, i guarantee it. >> the clothing chain which has corporate offices in fremont made the announcement yesterday. the company has not revealed why zimmer was fired, the executive charity. he founded the company in the 173 with a single store in houston. it has more than 1100 locations. when he was fired, he was the executive chairman. >> he made apparel accessible to men who might not otherwise have been exposed to it. >> zimmer lives in piedmont. he released a statement of his own saying he and the board had disagreed about the company's direction. men's warehouse stock fell
6:51 am
about 1% yesterday closing at $37 a share. also down a bit this morning in early trading. new this morning, facebook has yet another tech trick up its sleeves. the company is planning to introduce a video sharing service to its already popular instagram. right now instagram allows users to post and edit photos. adding the video feature will directly compete with twitter's vine app that lets users share brief video clips. facebook will hold an official announcement at their headquarters this morning. you can soon visit indiana jones and yoda at a north bay park, at least their bronze statue. the characters will be unveiled today in san anselmo's new downtown park. the statues are gifts from george lucas. the unveiling happens at 5:00 this evening at the new imagination park. and that name by the way was picked through a contest. george lucas donated the space for the 8700-square-foot park. and he also paid for the
6:52 am
demolition of the building that used to be there. the park was finished just in time for san anselmo's art and wine festival this weekend. actor james franco is asking for help in making three movies about growing up in palo alto. franco has launched a drive to raise half a million dollars to make the film. all three of them would be based on short stories he wrote about his childhood. he is using the crowd-funding platform indy gogo to try to raise the money and offering perks for contributors. see if he gets the money. >> we shall see. >> stay tuned. in-n-out burger nearly served a texas burger chain a lawsuit. >> a place called underbelly restaurant has a burger named the double double an appropriate name for two layers of meat and cheese between two buns. problem, in-n-out already trademarked the name and told the houston restaurant to get their own name. >> no idea it was their trademark.
6:53 am
i understand. if it's something with a trademark i would do the sail thing. >> adding humor to the new name on the menu they now call it the ub "cease & desist" burger. >> a pair of identical twins in connecticut have the highest gpa's out of their high school graduating class. they have identical gpas. brothers james and david wang will be giving the valedictorian speech together today. both have the exact gpa of 3.95. but that's not all they have in common. listen to them answer a reporter's questions. >> favorite foods? fries. >> fries. [ laughter ] >> favorite musical artist? >> chris brown. >> chris brown. >> yeah. >> favorite subject at rocky hill high school? >> english. >> english. >> there you go. there are some differences. you can tell in that video. one is an inch taller than the other and now they will have some new experiences. the taller one will attend the university of pennsylvania in the fall. he wants to be a lawyer.
6:54 am
the other brother is off to nyu to study business. they will have some distance between them. but twins have that bond, right? >> yes. and it's probably the best possible way for what must have been a competition between the two to do better and they both tied with gpas and valedictorian status. good for them. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> love is the in air. the in flight surprise for one very lucky lady. ,, ,,,,
6:55 am
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questions surrounding if the race will happen. the coast guard thee america's cup is two weeks away and today there are new questions surrounding if the race will even happen. >> the coast guard has yet to issue permits for the race. officials have to come up with
6:58 am
37 recommendations for safety and technical requirements in order to get the permits. so far the competitors have approved only 2 of the 37. the teams will resume talks with a mediator. today top oakland officials will be introducing the new area capitals and lieutenants for the police department. those officers will oversee five areas of the city. officials will also discuss crime reduction and prevention plans for each of the five areas. the supreme court could make its decision on california's same-sex marriage ban in a matter of minutes. today is one of the final days the justices could announce a decision. one last check of the weather and traffic with lawrence. >> let's go to it. this last part of spring here, looks like summer beginning at 10:04 tonight. temperatures in the 50s. 46 in the napa valley. by the afternoon we'll see more 80s inland. a lot of 70s popping up around the bay, 60s still breezy toward the coastline. next couple of days as we sail into summer lots of sun, chance of showers on monday. at the bay bridge it is
6:59 am
stacked up into the macarthur maze now. 20 minutes just to get you on to the bridge. and we just got a quick update from chp about this traffic alert in petaluma. they say by 7:30 they should have all lanes open. in the meantime, just one lane closed northbound 101 approaching lakeville highway. you guys are going to like this story. finally this morning love really was in the air for a jetblue flyer leaving sfo who proposed to his girlfriend midair. ♪[ music ] >> very cute. 28 minutes into the flight, a surprise video aired on all of the tvs. in total, eight teams including airport in flight and marketing coordinated to create this high- flying moment. the woman accepted the proposal and the couple and passengers were greeted in long beach with decorations and a cake to celebrate. this guy went all out. isn't that cool? >> on top of it all, jetblue
7:00 am
plans to send them on their honeymoon. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, june 20th, 2013. remembering james gandolfini. the man who brought tony soprano to life. died suddenly at age 51. >> the fbi confirms drones are being used for surveillance on american soil. what's the bureau doing with eyes in the sky? >> what really brought down twa flight 800? our john miller, the first reporter at the scene of the crash, looks at a controversial new documentary. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> people want to see you. they want to see what you're thinking. they want something from you. don't try to please them.


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